Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You are invited! Loopy Mango Tea Party!!!

Join us on Wednesday, October 20th frin 6 to 9 pm for our first Tea Party!

Taste different varieties of fragrant blooming teas from Tea Beyond as well as lightly alcoholic punch made also with tea!  Enjoy your tea in beautiful clear glass tea pot from Tea Beyond.  A variety of vintage tea pots and cups will be available for sale.  We are going to have a live music performance by Albert Behar's and Jordan Lee's band Tusk Tusk.  Here's more about the band:

Tusk Tusk is the folk collaboration between singer-songwriter Jordan Lee (guitar/ukulele/vocals) and composer Albert Behar (accordion/keys/harmonies). Singing in English, French and Spanish with a sprinkling of other languages, Tusk Tusk's poetic lyrics speak to a bygone era of handwritten letters and boardwalk promenades. Think Coney Island crashes into Paris' red-light district. When the dust settles, the two harmonize beneath the Washington Square Arch to the twang of the ukulele and the wheeze of the accordion.

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  1. The party was great guys, I can't wait to make the tea at home and listen to more Tusk Tusk tunes!