Photo: Going back to school is hard. Going back to school in bad weather is even harder. Fortunately, Loopy Mango has everything you need to get through it. 

Throw away those outdated Hunter boots and upgrade to our Daiichi rubber rain boots. They're incredibly lightweight (no more aching ankles!), and soft enough to roll up and throw in your bag for later. 

Also stop by and see our huge collection of journals and notebooks. Add a vintage bag to throw everything in and pick up a Rainy day candle from Tatine Candles to keep any study area as cozy as home. Suddenly, school doesn't seem so bad.. 


Going back to school is hard... going back to school in bad weather is even harder. 

Fortunately, Loopy Mango's got everything you need for you or anyone you know to go back to school in style and comfort. 


Daiichi Rubber Boots Hands down the last pair of boots you will ever need. These are the boot of choice for Japanese fisherman, made to last and of highly flexible and durable material. Say goodbye to aching ankles that other brands like Hunter boots cause with their heavy materials. Wear them in the rain, in the snow, in the slush, in the mud, in any weather, these boots will keep you dry and are so feather light you'll feel like dancing. Our favorite part; the flexible material is SO flexible, you can roll them up (they come with big durable bands pictured below) and throw them in your bag for later...who else hates wearing rain boots all day or lugging around a heavy pair to change into? Problem solved.
Paper goods: Having a diary or a journal leads to a happier life! And studies suggest writing your notes down (whether for school or in general) helps you process and remember them better. That being said, e have journals with nautical designs, floral patterns, "LIFE" notebooks, and even linen journals that can withstand water. No matter the occasion, your taste, or needs, we've got the journals and notebooks for you. Stay happy and remember everything you need to in style.

Bags: Everyone needs a good bag. Whether you're carrying it on your shoulder, your back, or holding it in your hand, especially us New Yorkers - we never know when we're going to need something, so we better have it on us. Loopy Mango has a huge collection of both new and vintage bags. We have modern, stylish backpacks full of color and pattern - impeccably made with touches of leather. We have vintage, beautiful, mint condition briefcases, military bags, and trunks. Come find the right bag for you here! 
Home Goods: Last but not least, why shouldn't you or your loved one's study area be just as comfortable as home? Help make it so, with a variety of things available at Loopy Mango. We've got magnificent, hand made in Chicago, soy candles from Tatine in a range of sizes and smells that will suit any budget and even the pickiest nose. Linens and towels to make your bathroom experience in any dorm or apartment (small or unfortunate as it may be) more luxurious. And a plethora of other items for the dorm or apartment like chalkboard paint, hooks, pillows, throws, etc. Whatever you need... Loopy Mango has it. 


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