Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Perfect day for gardening! Waejong has an obsession with apron - this vintage apron she hand dyed with natural indigo. Do you have a favorite gardening outfit?

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  1. Hi there, Sandy of Sanderella's! I just found you on FB, and went to your website...oh my!! I see a bunch of things I want to get! I posted a couple of pictures on my page for the ladies to know...Go Girl Knitting offers those human sized needles, and they are silly really!! I already ordered too much this month. However, next month I am placing an order with Loopy Mango for a crochet hook, big one...and I want a tote for big is the tote? I didn't see the measurements for them. I will need to wait on the yarn...alittle out of my reach/budget right now, but will be getting yours. I just love your shop, and I love the name of your shop too!! After your pets! Very nice. Nice to meet you and joined your blog....I have two here, and

    The first one is my crochet blog...and learning to knit, the second one for writing...which I haven't been doing at all you know.

    Talk with you later!!