Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring is finally here in New York!

The weather is not exactly cooperating, but we can help you get in the mood with bird ornaments and cherry blossom branches. 

We are so lucky to have Chelsea flower market in New York - you can get all kinds of flowers and branches to decorate your place. 

Yarn is not just for knitting anymore!  You can use it for decorating too.  We LOVE Prism yarns - hand dyed in Florida for the vibrant colors and unusual textures.

Fabric bird ornament $8 at Loopy Mango.  
Cherry blossom branch - Chelsey flower market.

Wooden painted birds $14 at Loopy Mango.
Prism kid dazzle mohair yarn  $23 at Loopy Mango.

Cherry blossom branch at Chelsea flower market.

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