Friday, December 23, 2011

Gift idea of the day

Our gift idea of the day is i-phone case from Luisa Cevese Riedizioni $42. Riedizioni is a collection of products made out of an innovative, original material, called II (eleven) which combines textile scraps with plastic.
II is the result of two elements perceived as opposite and contradictory:
I: the textile element, warm, precious, soft
I: the plastic element, cold, rigid, cheap and throw away
II: as not the sum of the two but a third element, more of the two together.
The products are similar but never the same.
Each piece is unique due to the nature of our basic element (scraps and leftovers) and of our production process: almost like a craftsman the machine "decides" waht to do each time.
Industry creates an enormous amount of waste.
This waste is our basic element: large blocks of unusable and pieces, damaged fabrics, yarns and threads, salvages, small pieces of uneven cloth, cuts from garments.
Riedizioni doesn't discriminate between natural and made fibers, the only criteria is to select the textile which enables us to produce a constant design out of a discontinuous element.
The quality of plastic employed is important for Riedizioni.
It is chosen to fit the final product.
It can be harder, thicker, thinner, matte, transparent, recycled or not.
Plastic gives our products durability, strength, flexibility, waterproofing and structure.


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