Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pavo SF

Beautiful new handmade scarves, shawls and pillow cases in from Pavo SF! PavoSF specializes in bringing incredible handmade pieces from India in patterns and textures that are absolutely stunning. 

From the website: " The creation of each woven piece is a time-consuming, methodical endeavor. The yarn produced for weaving is hand spun, then washed, bleached and dyed in the required colors. The yarn is re-spun onto small bobbins for making warps and wefts. The spinner, dyer and weaver are the highly skilled craftspeople, who patiently coordinate the various steps involved in the creation of these textiles. The pieces that originate in small towns and across the silk cultivating regions of India, end up in fine boutiques and museums in France, Japan, U.K, and the United States. This distinct cottage industry, supports hundreds of weavers and their families, and keeps their specialized skills alive."
View Scarves 
View Pillow cases
Prices range from $88-$110 

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